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Mixing Engineers

Mike Harmon:mike

Michael Harmon is an Audio Engineer and Studio Owner in Princeton, Massachusetts. He has toured internationally as a musician and has been making records as a producer/engineer since 2005. After graduating from Berklee in 2011, he opened the Wachusett Recording Company which is now a home base for all of his projects. His work ranges from Jazz to Hip Hop, Bluegrass to Pop Punk, and everything in between.

Dave Percy:dave

At Frequency Studios Our Mission Is To Provide An Outstanding Experience To All Our Clients, We Know How Hard You’ve Worked To Get This Far Let Us Take Your Project To The Next Level. If We Haven’t Exceeded All Your Expectations Then We Haven’t Done Our Job !

Jaz Williams:jaz

My name is Jaz. I am a producer, an engineer, and a writer. But my most important gift is vocal arrangement and artist development. I’ve been in the business for 15 years and have worked with industry vets as well as 1st timers. It has been my observation that alot of engineers never seem to be able to help artists elevate their vocals in the studio. And that is why I bring my arrangement touch to every artist that I produce and record. Because in the end, It’s not about the producer, engineer, or the beat. It’s about the originality of the artist.

Mike Indovina [Masteryourmix]:Mike Indovina

With over 20 years of production experience, Mike has gained a reputation as a producer with a sharp attention to detail. He believes in the tireless pursuit of audio perfection. His music career started behind a drum kit; with two decades of experience performing with various major label artists such as FALLS, Cheap Suits (Universal/Maple Music) and Crash Parallel (Sony). While performing in these bands, he became increasingly interested in music production and chose to pursue a career in recording engineering and live sound production. Studying under the legendary music producer Jack Richardson (The Guess Who, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger) and multiple Juno & Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Kevin Doyle (Glenn Gould, Van Morrison, Hall and Oates), he quickly learned the skills needed to produce high quality recordings.

Patrick Norton:patrick

Hi, I’m Patrick Norton and I live in San Diego, CA. Most of what I do in life revolves around music. My goal is to make your project a success. Music has been a focal point of my life for over 20 years. I am knowledgeable and experienced in songwriting, arranging, producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering. In addition to recording, I have played in several bands and written many songs. I know how important your music is to you, and it is my job to pay attention to your creativity, vision, and style. I want your music to sound as good as possible.I am passionate about what I do, and would love to help you actualize your dreams. Although I am very comfortable with all genres, I really enjoy working with rock, americana, folk, pop, and singer/songwriter artists.

Ashley Shepherd:ashley

In the 8th grade, someone got busted for talking in the back of band class. His punishment: write an essay describing the purpose and meaning of music. So that’s what Ashley did. He sat there and thought about it. What is music? The few sentences he came up with earned him an A for the quarter.

“Music is the language of the emotions. It does not require any translation and can be understood by anyone in the world.”

In the summer before, Ashley had borrowed the school’s synthesizer and bass guitar to mess around with at home and he hasn’t stopped messing around ever since. Following a visit from Berklee College of Music’s representative in his freshman year, his plan was clear. He wanted to go to Berklee for audio engineering in order to start a career in music producing. That’s pretty much it. Graduating in 1991, cum laude, his degree was handed to him by honorary alumni Phil Collins.

The following decade found Ashley working mostly at Ligosa Sound Studios in Cincinnati, where he garnered gold and platinum records working with Blessid Union of Souls and many other artists. Branching out, he moved into post-production at Lightborne, working in commercial music and film resulting in Addy awards for original music.

With the changing tides in audio production moving swiftly to computer workstations, Ashley ventured out on his own, moving the studio work into the 3rd floor of his home. There he began his writing career, penning Pro Tools for Video, Film & Multimedia for Course Technology, establishing him as an expert in the changing world of audio post.

When the two children crowded him out of the house, he found a lovely church building for sale just down the street and decided to build the dream and created Audiogrotto.

This facility now provides the laboratory for him to pursue all tacts in his career from music and records, to film, scripting, and other creative endeavors with the partners at PICTUREMUSIC.

Brian Boland:Brian

Brian Boland is a producer/engineer with twenty years of studio experience behind him.  Starting out at William Paterson College, he learned the art of recording from exceptional teachers including Bob Both (James Brown).  After college, he was lucky enough to start his career at the legendary Greene Street Recording NYC (Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Pete Rock, Dave Matthews, George Benson, Beastie Boys…)  His band Elwood, was signed to Palm Pictures in 2000 by Chris Blackwell and had success with their cover of “Sundown” by Gordon Lightfoot reaching the Billboard charts. In 2004, Brian moved to Los Angeles where he began freelancing at various studios in LA, Detroit, Seattle, and Philadelphia. Brian continued his many personal projects working and playing bass with Shadow Rewind, Baby Stone (Sly Stone’s daughter), Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam), and countless others. He also worked at Windmark Recording in Santa Monica, (formerly Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’ Flight Tyme) where he was able to work on many major label writing camps engineering,and assisting some of the worlds top artists and producers in the urban world, including Timbaland, Macy Gray, Rihanna, Y.G., Mary J. Blige, DJ Mustard, Big Krit, Sha Money XL and many more.


Jason McDonald:Jason

I have been a freelance professional guitarist, bass player, percussionist, composer, singer, arranger, audio engineer, and producer for nearly 25 years. Working in all areas of the music business, I have collaborated on music production projects with a variety of performers and songwriters, bringing my experience as a musician and session player to many of the recordings I work on. Living in Seattle, and always seeking the latest technology, my enthusiasm for high quality audio, my understanding of audio engineering at a scientific level and my extensive professional experience make me a popular choice for engineering recording sessions.

Austin Corley:Austin

Austin is dedicated to helping cool, local musicians get their stuff out there, from punk to reggae to rock and roll, that he’s willing to give discount prices to good bands just for the opportunity to help them see their vision through. He’s a dedicated pro who sticks to what he loves. Austin graduated from the Berklee College of Music with degrees in Music Production & Engineering, and Music Business & Management. He also plays the bass and even dabbled in the French horn back in high school. He’s well versed in jazz harmony, classical harmony and counterpoint. Austin built his own studio. He’s a virtuoso musician who knows his way around two highly disparate instruments. He’s a punk rocker. He went to the best school in the world for production and engineering, and his influences are unimpeachable. In short, this is the guy who’s gonna be churning out the Punk In Drublics and the Goddamnits of the next generation of punks, a pro who genuinely wants to help young bands with limited resources reach their potential. And he’s brought a shit ton of amazing equipment with him to help him do it.

Henrique Landim:henrique

Henrique Landim (pronounced Ehn-Hee-Key) is a San Diego-based Audio Engineer. He started his musical journey at the age of 12, picking up the cheapest electric guitar he could find. He performed as a guitar player/singer in several touring bands until his early 20s, when he decided to leave it all behind in order to become an Audio Engineer overseas – which he felt was his calling, rather than being an actual musician. Henrique dove head first into engineering and production classes, followed by intense hands on training in order to become the engineer he wanted to be, one that is focused on the artist’s vision rather than his own interests. He has worked on numerous releases and had the opportunity to work alongside many of his idols, absorbing as many techniques as he could during these experiences. Henrique loves music to the bone and couldn’t work with anything else. When collaborating with this black-bearded, heavy-accented brazilian, the success of your project is all that matters!

Christopher Hoffee:chad

My name is Christopher Hoffee. I have been an artist for 25 years and after making my own albums (Truckee Brothers, Atom Orr), other people hearing them have asked me to record theirs, so here I am. 15 years later recording and producing quite a few albums in my 102 year old house with raised wood floors and plaster walls and 10′ ceilings in San Diego, California. I have a great selection of outboard gear and microphones, mixing old school recording with state of the art digital editing and mixing since 1997.

Chad Farran:chad

Producer Chad Farran has been recording and mixing music for over 20 years in San Diego. His work has won awards and nominations in several music competitions, and has been featured on national and international TV soundtracks. Chad’s interest in diverse musical styles has led him to work in many different genres, recording and mixing everything from Rock and Reggae to Americana and Gypsy Jazz. His work in the film and television department at San Diego State University gave him insight into the production world, but his love for music performance and travel led him around the world recording and playing with musicians from Asia, South America, the Carribbean and more. His travels and experience ultimately led him back to California where he opened a music school/studio called Kalabash School of Music and the Arts. From there he records, mixes and teaches music production and performance to students of all ages.

Josef Villarama:joe

Josef “Joe_VMusic” Villarama is the Co-Founder/ Co-Owner of Collective SocietyEntertainment along with his partner Bobby “Micamistone” Thongkham. He has over 25 years of musical experience ranging from singing, writing, music production and audio engineering. He is currently in the process of getting his Pro Tools certification along with other certifications at Mueller College’s recording arts Associates degree program. His musical journey began in the suburbs of the Bay Area in a small town called Daly City when he formed an R&B accapella group in high school in 1992. The group gained a lot of attention all over the West Coast and went on to receiving local recognition as they performed all over the Bay Area. A local music producer Alex Marlowe – whose works tied in with a local TV show called Home Turf – approached the group and became their manager. They went on and headlined at several music venues performing at S.F. Civic Center, Cow Palace, UC Berkley, and Westlake Auditorium, and eventually taking first place at the Apollo West Talent Show held in Oakland. After his group disbanded, he would continue on to sing on his own and eventually moved down to San Diego in 1995 where he would begin his journey into music production. Without any formal training, he would attempt to try to produce original music but became more intrigued with the engineering aspect of musical production. He would aspire to learn as much as he could in audio production and would do collaborations with several artists all over the country. After building up enough confidence in music production and audio engineering, he made his skills available to the public and in 2012 he opened up his own home recording studio naming it VillaVibes Studios. Then in 2013 he would team up with local hip-hop group, Styles Stinch, that consist of Emcee’s Bobby “Micamistone” Thongkham, Christian “Talk_sikK” Llerena, and Stanley “DJ Prime 1” Nagui. In mid 2014, Joe and Bobby decided to venture in starting a clothing line called MUNDVNE AFFAIRS. Then in 2015, Joe and Bobby decided to combine Styles Stinch, MUNDVNE AFFAIRS and their management company to form Collective Society Entertainment.

Kyle Kirouac:Kyle

Kyle Kirouac is a freelance audio engineer, and assistant engineer at Wachusett Recording co. He is a graduate of the Sound Recording Technology program from UMass Lowell, where he finished with a Bachelor’s in 2015. He’s been playing trumpet and performing in various concert, jazz and marching ensembles since he was in fourth grade, and picked up guitar and bass while in college. He has experience recording and mixing in both analog and digital, and has a passion for making music sound great.


Donald Riden:








Mastering Engineers

Dave Locke:dave

Dave Locke has been mastering music for labels and independent artists since 1994. His ears and aesthetic touch can be heard in a wide variety of musical genres for several notable labels and independent artists. Dave began his career as a recording engineer in 1990, working at a popular Boston recording studio. Over the next few years, he gained a reputation as an engineer with an easy demeanor and great ears. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music, he began to take on freelance work in numerous studios in the Boston area, including Sound Works Studios, Newbury Sound, Wellspring Sound, The Sonic Temple, Squid Hell, Prophet Sound, Rear Window Recording and many others. In 1994, Dave was hired by renowned composer Gunther Schuller to set up a digital audio workstation for his label, GM Recordings. Over the next 8 years every recording released on GM credited Dave for his work in editing, mastering or recording. In 1999, Dave founded JP Masters and has become one of the most trusted and best Boston audio mastering engineers in the business today.

Blake Lagrange:blake

Blake currently resides in Southern California as a full-time music producer and CEO of his company, Mercury Mastering. Blake has worked with artists and members of P.O.D., Mase, Chicago, Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent, Kanye West, Pimp C, Juicy J, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, and Cake etc…His work has been Grammy-Nominated and he has clients worldwide. He has a rich understanding of Post-Production and spends most of his time in his custom built, personal mixing and mastering studio.

Jon Weil:Jon

Having been a guitarist for almost 25 years, Jon knows exactly what it is like to be on the “other side of the glass”. On top of that, he has been recording, mixing and mastering bands for over 15 years! After many years of recording and mixing out of his (and others’) homes, Jon was asked to engineer some sessions at Uranus Studios, owned by Robin Wilson. Little did he know that it was for international heroes the “Gin Blossoms”, and that his excellent work would make him Chief Engineer from 2010 until it’s recent closing in 2015. Jon took this opportunity to expand his skills, while also starting to realize that it was the mixing and mastering that he REALLY excels at.