Here at The Mix Coalition, we want to be able to assist in all aspects of your project. If you are needing some supplementary recording, we have three great sessions players to choose from. However, if you are looking for a service not listed, please contact us. We have a strong network of go to musicians, and we will be able to help you find the perfect fit for which ever song you are working on.

Session Players

Chad Farran (Drums & Percussion):

Chad Farran is an accomplished performer and producer creating music for TV shows, independent films, album projects, bands and musicians. He has won several San Diego music awards for both his solo and band accomplishments, and nominated for Best World Music Album at the Independent Music Awards (IMA) for his On Surfari Sessions Vol 1.

For years he has been involved in the production of music for the popular surf/travel show On Surfari that airs domestically on FOX network’s Fuel TV, and internationally on National Geographic. He has managed to capture the essence of foreign countries that the show travels to by studying the traditions and instruments from each place, incorporating them into musical pieces, and creating a contemporary and refreshing soundtrack.

In addition to his On Surfari instrumental work, Farran has also released CD’s from the original compositions he had written as a singer/songwriter. “Another Ride” uses the same techniques as his soundtrack work to fuse Latin sounds and rhythms with the acoustic pop melodies that were inspired by influential recording artists both in the U.S. and abroad. “The Crowded Train” is an eclectic mix of music created with the addition of other extraordinary musicians he’s had the pleasure to work with.

Dustin Luna (Drums):

Dustin has played in various bands throughout the San Diego area for years. He has both great timing and versatility, and has established himself as a reliable studio drummer in the local area. Whether you are looking for a hip hop style or a more classic rock sound, Dustin is your man.

Christopher Hoffee (Guitar/Bass/Keys):

Christopher Hoffee has been making music for a long time now. His first serious band was way, way back in 1990 with the forming of Blacksmith Union in San Diego. The band did well. He made 3 albums with them, signed with Burt Bacharach’s publishing company Feedbach and then broke off with the band due to the band contracting the dreaded “self-destruct just when things were going good” virus.

Moving back to his home town, Memphis, Tennessee…Christopher started writing material for his next band Fivecrown which formed in San Diego in 1997. They put out two albums on his own label Populuxe Records and things were going well until they contracted the other dreaded disease, the “I just wanna play on the weekends…ummm…maybe not. Maybe only one weekend night and maybe a Monday or Tuesday, but certainly not both” virus.

A solo project seemed eminent. Hence Atom Orr which started in 2002. After releasing 3 albums “Wake”, “Noir”, and “Asterisk”, Christopher formed another band called the Truckee Brothers in 2004 and went by an a.k.a. “Cady Truckee”. The band released 4 albums and seemingly was doing swimmingly well until they caught the same virus that Blacksmith Union caught…the “self-destruct just when things were going good” virus.

Prepared as all Boy Scouts are for these contingencies and it having it happen a few times, Christopher had not stopped his Atom Orr project and had released “Searching For Sparrows”, the EP “Los Feliz” and “This Was Tomorrow”. “Galaxies With Long Yellow Curtains”…released in July 2012. An album consisting of loosely based “Space” theme, with a few odd choices including a song wrote using words and phrases during the turn of the 19th century. “Flotsam and Jetsam” was released August 13, 2013, 11 songs of psychedelic, harmonious, with oceanic expanse.

Which bring us to “Smoke Through A Keyhole” released October 7th, 2014 has deceptively only 4 songs. These are not even really songs but 7-8 minute pieces with 3-4 movements in each. Christopher really wanted to deconstruct the idea of a song with verse, chorus, or bridges, but rather just flow to where he is led. These are not jams, but developed and carefully written pieces. A full length video was also made to be paired with it. December of 2014, “Handful Of Dust” was relased as a collection of lost songs that never made it to their respective albums at the time. Plans for the next album have already begun, taking the lead with Smoke Through A Keyhole, the next album “Light In The Doorway” will be deconstructed also. It might be a long term trend for the writer. We’ll see…