Welcome to The Mix Coalition website. While we offer a number of professional services and aim to provide helpful information on this site, we understand that a lot of our visitors might navigate to this page first, and that’s totally fine.

Let’s start off with a little information about what it is that we don’t do, and then get to what we actually do:

We are not a bundled online service that provides preset-based mixing and mastering services for low cost. We also do not attempt to handle every mixing and mastering project in the same way. Some techniques and styles are genre specific, and some projects may require attention where others do not.

We are a group of experienced engineers from all over the country. Our music backgrounds are diverse, and we have come together to offer recording musicians the best possible choice in engineering in one place. When you come to us with your project, we hand select from our own engineers to set you up with someone who can competently complete your project, at a fair and competitive price. It’s all too common for artists to be paired with engineers who do not compliment their musical style, and this is what we aim to solve. (Imagine an acoustic folk trio from North Carolina being mixed down by the world’s greatest wall-of-sound black metal engineer?)

So, instead of a “rates page” for everyone, which is inflated to show average costs, we offer you this:

Call or email us. You’ll get a live person who can offer sound advice (see what we did there?) for your project and suggest the most cost effective way to get the best possible sound. Take our advice and run, or stick around and we will hook you up with some great engineers!